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1996 Pontiac Sunfire Convertable
Yep, this is my car. I bought it back in may of 2001. Since then i gradually started to save up my money and buy parts for it. My first moddification was doing my interior. I decided to go with red and black. I was in a fenderbender back in December 2001. When that happend i figured it was time to start buying differant parts. I decided to go with Fx Designs rally bumper. Which 5 were only made for this car. Then i wanted to get Andys Auto Sport Side skirts from the Chevy Cavalier. I also put on a Kombat GTR Spoiler that had to be shaved since the sunfire has a really curved spoiler. 6 months down the road my car was all finished. I wasnt to happy with the looks of my interior i did so i decided to do it all over again. Now i have red and white. With reverse indiglo guages. I keep looking at my car and its still seems like its missing a lot. I have a few great ideas that I thought of that no J-Body owner has done with a convertable. Stay tuned...
My updates on my car
Recently I re-did my interior. Now the project that im working on now is engine styling. I have been working on polishing my valve cover and engine block. So far its look really great. I put red wire hose and painted a few things to make my car more exciting. Pics coming soon...
Next Project
The next stage i would like to do is a Tonneau cover. Im going to have to find someone that makes tonneau covers and i will more likely have to custom fit it on my car. It will be a fun project to do and i look forward to it.

Future Mods
I have tons that i wanna do still to my car. Next i wanna go with a ram air hood. Then move to the rims. 15"s arnt working for me anymore. I wanna get 18" rims not sure what style i want. Then I will go with suspention. I wanna bag it. this way i dont have to worrie about scraping everywere and I can be LOW. Then i want a new kit... More on that later

If u have a sugestion on what i should do please email me.

A nice picture of my new interior
This was a long and tiering process to do. It took me a little longer than 2 months to acomplish. I would come home from work and work on if for a few hours a nite.